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Thread: Upgrade Vacuum system?

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    Upgrade Vacuum system?

    I have a 1 hp 'Woodtek' that was given to me by a neighbor. This unit is old, old, old. While browsing through the Woodcrafter store yesterday, I spotted the 1-1/2 hp Delta. This looks so much better size wise, etc. Would this purchase show substantial diff. over the Woodtek? I need this to run on 115 v. TIA for the help.

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    upgrade collection tubing first

    Hi Dale,

    I would wait on rushing out to upgrade the free 1hp you just received. I would upgrade the conduit and tubing that you connect to your tools to your machine with. By upgrading to 6" diameter stuff (stepping down right at the end to connect to the tool will greatly improve the performance of the 1hp machine. Yes, 1hp is a little on the light side, but you can probably work a long time with that. Another good upgrade would be to get 1 micron bags.

    Free tools are certainly the best tools.
    Geoff in Oakland

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