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Thread: Corel Draw file not showing in laser output layer window

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    Corel Draw file not showing in laser output layer window

    I have a problem where the Corel Draw file is not showing in laser output layer window. I have used the file numerous times, usually just duplicate page then, change the recipients name out for the next recipients, then bitmap and send to laser output to set speed/power settings, then send to laser. It is not showing in the output layer window. None of the other files in that customers file show either, however, I am having no problem with other customers files, they are showing and can be sent to laser output, then to laser without issue. Comes up with save file error, but I have done nothing different as far as I am aware. Any ideas would be welcome. Using Corel Draw 4 and Lasercut 5.3

    I have copied the file and saved as a new file within the same folder. It did not fix the issue.

    I have done a fresh setup of the item in the file I need at the moment, saved to a new Folder and tested and this works just fine. However as there are a number of setups in here that I use for this customer, and as they entail a lot of work to get laser ready for paua inlays etc and detailed logos for lasering I would rather not have to reset them all up again, so any suggestions as to original problem would be welcome.
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    I am not familiar with your equipment, but with mine, it is usually a setting either in Corel or in my laser software. I have also had instances where reconnecting my usb cable solved the problem. Sorry not to be of more help. Good luck!
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