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Thread: Binding tool question

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    Binding tool question

    I'm going to attempt to install binding on a solid top guitar body that is not a flat top. It has a forearm contour so a typical router table type set up won't work as far as I know. Any tips would be greatly appreciated ! I've seem this Stewmac tool & seems like it would work, just not sure. Also this will be my 1st attempt at binding install.

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    A little more info would help, so a couple of questions.
    How severe is the forearm contour and how long?
    How thin/thick is the binding, could you do a pin-stripe instead?

    The stew-mac tool might work but you'll most likely need to provide something for the guide pin to follow in the contoured area. A temporary hot glued guide may be one way to do it.

    I'm sure others will offer more suggestions

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    Thanks for reply. The body is a Telecaster copy, it's 1 7/8" thick except at the contour area, the forearm cut starts aprx. where your arm would rest and is aprx. 11" long measured along the outside radius & it's 5" wide at it's widest measured across the top & it's a 5/8" cut, hope that makes sense. If you go to the link on GC web site & look at 5th photo & which shows the contours I'm talking about & that guitar actually has binding !

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    That will be unusual... I would use a regular trim router for the flat area and the Dremel attachment only to follow the contour. I would be thinking about plastic binding and warming it up for the dip down into the contour. You could make the binding wide enough to include the contour while still making a straight (flat) line. Binding that wide would look weird to me.

    I see a few acoustic guitars bound around the contour. some of them look better than others.

    Screen Shot 2024-06-26 at 6.59.48 AM.jpg Screen Shot 2024-06-26 at 7.00.25 AM.jpg
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