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Thread: black bass swimming in the weeds (older video)

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    black bass swimming in the weeds (older video)

    with the cnc machine I machined out bass from black walnut
    and created an underwater display of the fish swimming among weeds and stones
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    Building stuff like this on my CNC isn't really an interest or expertise, but I'm amazed at how awesome something can be built by people like you Stan. Well done, very nice piece.

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    I understand what you are saying , when I first got my cnc I really went into 3d machining , but its takes a lot of time
    and money wise its not worth it
    Its the same with large 3D prints

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    Beautiful work as always Stan

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    bass in black walnut

    thanks for the good comment
    I also did this one awhile back , turtles swimming and again black walnut
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    Nice work Stan. What do you use to do cad on these? I'm working on learning Blender, but it's slow.
    Also, how do you do the drawing, do you use a stylus, mouse?
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    I used vetric aspire and a drawing tablet and possibly rhino for some of the 3d

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