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Thread: WTB: Aigner Distometer

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    WTB: Aigner Distometer

    Looking for an aigner distometer. I know they are no longer made, that is why I am posting here.


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    Has to be Aigner? I know, I'm the same, but IGaging has one that looks 'identical'.

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    They seem to be made or at least FS?
    If no one here offers you one.
    Or is this a scam?

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    Yes, I’m looking specifically for the Aigner version.

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    Not sure what that link is but it didn’t have what I was looking for.


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    Matt, good luck in finding a Distometer. After trying to find one for years, I gave up and bought a Betterly Tools Una-Guage.

    Wes, the Distometer is much larger than the iGaging product. The Distometer is much better at setting up a shaper, although it is pretty difficult to read the screen on the Distometer (based on using it for a couple of days in Joe Calhoun's shop).

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