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Thread: Portable Bandsaw Blades, Your Favorite?

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    Portable Bandsaw Blades, Your Favorite?

    I have a 32-7/8" bandsaw that does a lot of things for me that I used to do with a hacksaw or bolt cutters. The typical De Walt or Milwaukee bi-metal blades work great until I accidentally try to cut something too hard. Unfortunately by the time I realize I'm doing something dumb the blade is trashed.

    Anyone have a blade type or brand that they have found to be better than others? I realize the proper advice to having issues when doing wrong things is "don't do that". At any rate I would be glad to get your input.
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    Hello Glenn, I've been using the Supercut brand bimetal blades for my horizontal band saw for years with good success. I buy them at my local Harbor Freight but they don't seem to have the smaller sizes that you need. You might try Northern Tool or check with the manufacturer. Of course, these bimetal blades won't cut hard metal. In those cases you will have to use an abrasive cutting disk, like on an angle grinder, or a plasma cutter. A quick test with a file will tell if you can use a bimetal blade.

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