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Thread: Laminated wood

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    Laminated wood

    I do alot of glue ups's all hardwood..oak..walnut..maple..cherry and about all really makes for a beautiful project like bowls...large and small..I have watched alot of videos on hollowing out the bowls..and regardless of how I sharpening the bowl gouge at some point will start bouncing...and it makes me wonder if it's the glued up's not because the wood isn't dressed before I glue it up...I have a jointer and planner to dress the wood for glue up...normally I just switch over to carbide tools like the easy wood tools..which does a great job...but I would really like to use regular tools...most of them are not all that expensive...maybe that's problem...but after watching you tube videos it is kinda tips would really be appreciated...

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    I experienced tool bouncing yesterday when I was roughing out a few bowls. I think the issue is the cutting force on the tool changing going from end to side grain. Interrupted cuts at a slow speed can really bounce. It gets worse if your muscle reaction matches the bounce. As the tool dulls it gets worse. Increasing the RPM will change the resonance of the bounce making it smoother. Negative rake scrapers won't bounce because the cutting force pushes the tool away vs a typical gouge is pulled into the wood (ride the bevel). Carbide tools have the cutting edge 90 deg to the surface so the force is basically neutral (down) on the tool, so it doesn't bounce as much.

    Also, heavy cuts on a small lathe can flex the tool, tool rest, lathe, and stand also causing vibrations. Generally - sharp tools, lighter cuts, and different RPM reduces bouncing/chatter. This is true for metal cutting also.


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    Higher speeds and higher shear angle of cut usually helps the situation.

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    It can only be caused by the wood if you are rubbing the bevel too hard. Loosening your grip will help a lot

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