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Thread: Cabinet making

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    Cabinet making

    How hard would it be to make this cabinet. Average woodworking skills.
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    The basic construction looks pretty straightforward (normal cabinet design) but the carving and turning is more advanced if you want to replicate it exactly. Also, are you wanting to make it a speaker cabinet? The speaker in the cabinet pictured is retrofitted, and if I was starting from scratch I'd make sure the speaker cab design was solid and then add ornamentation, etc. to make it look how you want. Speaker cabs are subject to vibration so need to be very solid, and there's also considerations for the baffle design and placement, back design, cab dimensions, etc. that all influence the sound, and you also need to consider the speaker size and type you're planning to use in that equation.

    TL;DR and IMO - cabinet construction - intermediate, turning and carving - advanced; if you want it to be a speaker cab then redesign the construction and add the aesthetics back in as you want/can.

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