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Thread: Carving Edges. Need Bit

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    This would be done in steps. I think you would need multiple bits to accomplish this. I would profile to max LOC then I would use a 1/2" ball to create 3d slope(this would most likely use a 1/2" DC to clear) I would then switch to a 1/4"ball and run the same profile(should give you a cleaner final for less sanding.)

    The Alternative would be to profile it with the 1/2" dc Cutting 1-3/4" in then take it off the cnc and jig saw/bandsaw the rest of the way through then with the hand held flip the board and use a flush trim bit to finish profile. From there freehand it with belt sander or grinder with arbortech

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    Thanks George. Those are some good suggestions.

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    Truth is, nature does this better and more efficiently. Look around for live edge slabs. If unavailable, consider hand tools for a more direct approach.

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    To get a tapered, edge like that you need to run a molding toolpath, perhaps more than one if you want the edge profile to change. A clearance cut with a straight endmill followed by a finishing cut with a ballnose endmill would be good choices.

    That said, I'm with Kevin. You could use conventional tools and be able to accomplish the task better and much faster than using anything other than an industrial CNC.


    If you have 3D modeling, like Fusion 360 or Aspire, then you could create the exact shape you want. It most likely will take even longer than for a molding toolpath, however.

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    You might use a 1/4 round nose bit and the molding toolpath on Vcarve and get something close to what you show. (whoops John just pointed that out).

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