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Thread: Looking at a new U shaped window ac unit for shop

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    Looking at a new U shaped window ac unit for shop

    See these Midea U shaped window AC units described as window mini split air conditioners. Have windows on the east wall of my shop, so they would be in the shade during the heat of the day, and wondered if anyone else is using them in their woodworking shops? Search shows mostly older posts.

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    Most, if not all of the Midea window units are inverter based like a mini split and are very efficient. Some also provide heat. (the one my daughter owns does) The U-shaped model is relatively new, to the best of my knowledge, so you may not find much commentary.

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    AFAIK All window units the compressor and evaporator are inside the same box so the compressor heat has to be pumped out to the condenser lowering efficiency and making them nosier. With a minisplit the compressor is outdoors and so is it's noise and heat.
    Shop Carefully My Friedrich is less then half the inside noise of some good makes. I never could find any noise numbers for window units. DB is a log scale so a few numbers difference is huge. I oversized my unit so I can run it on the lowest,quietest speed.
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