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Thread: Did you know?

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    Did you know?

    That on some cars/vans/trucks with a key fob, if you hold down the unlock button for about 15 seconds, the two front windows go down?

    I was - today - - years old when I found this out.

    I tired it on my wife's 2024 Tucson and it works!
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    Yes, that is a feature of some vehicles. It is also sometimes on a vehicle version sold in other geographies but not on the vehicle version sold in the US.

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    I believe it's there so one can open the windows remotely to allow the heat in the interior to escape before one goes out and gets in it.

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    Well, i'd try that on my Ford Flex, but it's parked outside and it just started raining hard enough to make Noah notice!!

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    Tried it on my Silverado and it didn't work.

    It does have a button that if pressed twice will lower the tailgate. That has come in handy a few times.

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    I had an '07 BMW that had that feature. When the unlock button was held, all the windows and the sunroof would open.
    Problem was, it would get held down in my pocket when I moved just right.
    Several times I came out after a rainstorm to find my car soaked with everything open.
    Finally bought a cover to go over it so it couldn't be accidentally pressed.
    With my current BMW, I don't really need the fob, as it's a touch of the handle to open/lock the doors and push button start.
    Without a fob cover, I kept unlocking the trunk. It doesn't raise, just unlocks, so I wouldn't notice until I started to drive away. Then I'd have to stop, go shut the trunk and continue.
    I guess I'm lucky that it doesn't fold the convertible top down when a button is pushed.
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    That feature works on both our 2012 Honda Pilot and 2015 Honda Accord. If you push once then quickly push and hold the unlock button all the windows will start to open and will stop as soon as you let go of the button or when they are fully down, if you continue to hold the button. I can also open the tail gate on the Pilot using the tailgate button on the key fob. The accord will unlock and set the seat position for which ever key fob unlocks the car from the drivers side.
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