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Thread: Battery Leakage

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    Battery Leakage

    The other day, I went to a cabinet to get some AAA batteries. I had a new package of 34 Duracell batteries. I grabbed the unopened package and saw that most of the batteries had leaked. I was not happy at all.

    The Duracell have a 10 year guarantee against leakage. The packaging had a 2018 date on it. I think I bought the package at Samsclub within the last couple of years.

    I contacted Duracell and had to provide all kinds of info even though I provided good pictures of the front and back of which had all the info. But they wanted me to fill out out stuff again. They are sending me coupons to replace the batteries.

    I will not buy Duracell again except for the coupons I get. I would recommend that people check the date on the packaging and not buy older batteries.


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    Energizer Ultimate Lithium.... a bit spendy but I don't think I've ever had one leak.
    I get them through and use 20% off coupon.
    I batch my orders with Zoro and have yet to pay shipping (orders over $50 ship free but you have to register)
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    Same thing with Rayovac batteries. Threw out a couple of boxes of them. One was a replacement purchased with coupon to replace another leaking box. Now I buy either Costco's Kirkland brand, or HD's HDX batteries If I'm going to receive cheap batteries, then I expect to buy them cheap.

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    Back in the '60's "leakproof" batteries became a thing for old-fashioned acid containing batteries. The companies would replace the device that got wrecked by the melting battery. I wonder if any of the battery companies are giving thought to reviving that idea for a premium lline of batteries now that most makers have cheaped out on the alkaline battery materials to the point where more often than not they corrode and ruin whatever device they're left in?

    I've used Eneloop rechargeable batteries for quite a while now and have never had one go bad, so that's an alternative. If only I could convince other household members not to throw them away when they get discharged they'd be practical for almost every application. They're pretty expensive as single use items.

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    When alkalines first got popular they seemed to be the answer to the carbon-zinc leakage problem. But, no longer, although not nearly as bad, and Duracell are no better than others from my experience.
    Unlike carbon-zinc leakage remnants, alkaline gunk in the battery compartment cleans well with just a bit of water and a Q-tip.

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    Once I had kids I invested in a panasonic Eneloop rechargable set due to the batteries I would be going though Im up to 40 each or so of AA and AAA. The kits come with adapters for c & d. They come precharged and are about 3x the price of duracells. They are chargeable 2100x unless you get the pros which hold a bigger charge but can only be charged 500x.

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