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Thread: Software upgrades for Trotec Speedy 300

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    Software upgrades for Trotec Speedy 300

    We have been using a Speedy 300 for years and it still runs like a champ. My concern is the very old desktop computer with windows xp on it. We need to replace that pc. Where do I even start? I can get a real cheap pc to replace it. Do I just download backups of our materials files. Install Job Control on the new pc and put the materials file on the new pc? I'm also wondering if I should start off the new pc with Trotec's Ruby software instead of job control. Any advice or starting direction would be appreciated.

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    First, some 'history'-- Right now I have 4 fiber lasers (three 30w and one 50w, all 'cheap Chinese' machines all running EzCad), and 4 C02 lasers (a 2002 model 40w Gravograph LS900, a 2010? 35w Gravograph LS-100, a 2003 30w GCC aka 'Pinnacle' Explorer, and a Chinese 1300x900 80w for mostly cutting work)... In addition to the lasers I have SEVEN rotary-tool engravers, only two of which are used regularly these days due to the lasers doing most of the work now! I also have 13 computers networked together here, ONE of which is a relatively-useless-for-actual-computer-work Windows 8 computer, which came with a 1tb hard drive. I added a 1tb SSD drive to it several years ago, and since then, IT is the 'main storage' computer, as in, EVERY JOB that's NOT a fiber job is saved on the Win8's new SSD, and every week I copy the entire contents of the SSD drive to it's hard drive. I've done that several times, to a separate folder each time- I have maybe a dozen full-drive copies on the HD, and it's still less than 25% full...

    So that's how my files are done around here for 'common' jobs. Some fiber job files are duped when copied from machine's computer so I can run the job on a different machine...

    Awhile back, after getting the last 2 fibers, I bought several SFF Dell Optiplex 3020's for around $50 each off Ebay to run the fiber's... at the same time I picked up a 250gig SSD for each (they're quite cheap), and some extra memory cards, so each is running 16gigs of memory, and --the best thing I EVER bought- A copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and 4 licenses, 1 for each computer. Pretty sure I spent less than $400 for EVERYthing- These computers boot up in less than 20 seconds and are lightning fast. And they're Dell's, so they work good too!

    I also have a couple of larger Dells, an Optiplex 760, funning XP, and an Optiplex 790 running Win7ult-64.

    I've never really liked the win8, but it DOES work well as a 'storage device', lol! I do have a win10 computer, it's connected to our new TV just so I can use the PC function with our new TV. Basically all I do with it is open Firefox to check out internet stuff with it. Otherwise, I've never actually used it as a 'computer', and don't think I want to!

    So all THAT said -- for a 'new' computer, I HIGHLY recommend anything-Dell, used is fine, I've never bought a new one, and (knock on my head) haven't had any issues with the used ones I've bought! And I REALLY HIGHLY recommend trying Win7ult-64. I was completely amazed at the speed at which EVERYthing runs. I'm sure it'll work okay with your current sofware, it's been 100% compatible with ALL my programs and machines, regardless of how new or old!
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    I am operating my Trotec with a new Lenovo Win 11 laptop. I use Job Control because I'm a really old dog but I do have Ruby loaded. Previously, I have used refurbished Dells. I still use one for most of my other work including bookkeeping. I did have to return one as the hard drive froze and couldn't be recovered. If I had to buy another pc it would be a Dell refurb.

    My Lenovo works fine but I just don't like laptops.

    For what it's worth, my Lenovo cost $1500.00 while the Dell refurbs are in the $350.00 range.
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    I replaced my main computer that I use to run my Epilog machine and my Mimaki UV printer last year. Ended up picking up a used Dell Precision 3431 Small Form Factor with an i9 processor off of eBay. It's been a great little machine. Has a couple of M2 slots on it for M2 drives, and is capable of 64 gigs of ram. Mine had an Nvidia P1000 graphics card in it as well, so a bit of a step up from the onboard graphics. Running Windows 11 on it, and it's been plenty fast for everything I do, CorelDraw 2024, etc. Typically end up with used Dell machines here, and have been happy with them for many years.
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