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Thread: Big chisel contest

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    Take your pick....
    Your endgrain is like your bellybutton. Yes, I know you have it. No, I don't want to see it.

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    Take your pick....

    I'll bite.
    What are they for?

    "Some" of mine.

    Various states of use, and dis-use over the decades.
    2nd up, bottom right was near new, and aprox 4" longer when acquired in the mid 70's
    Rehardened it twice. For water hardening steel, it is difficult (or perhaps i should say impractical) to fully harden more than about 2" at a time. So as it gets used up, this type of laminated steel will need annealing, re-hardening, and light tempering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Kwong View Post
    Wonderful. I can't make out who the maker is but the sign above it signifies that the smith was apart of the Tokyo Chisel Group. It's likely white #1 steel and very hard. Very nice chisel - I'm jealous!
    Thanks for the info. I did not know that there was a Tokyo Chisel Group.

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