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Thread: Systainers?

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    I have a small shop, and I purchased a lot of Systainers before I ever bought a Festool tool. I keep tools organized by project type, so when I need to do something around the house or offsite, I can know I have everything I need to do the job. Electrical, copper plumbing, PVC plumbing, drywall, painting, masonry drilling, etc. Things I don’t do every day, and don’t want to forget something important.

    Even inside my shop, I keep all the accessories for the tools in the systainer with the tool. My shop is more of a general shop, so I might do automotive work, machine work, welding, 3D printing, or woodworking in there, so some tools may go a long time between uses. The systainers keep them organized and out of the way.


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    I like it. I'm going to outfit my shop. As seen of FB Marketplace.


    Festool systainers. All sizes many different styles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M King View Post
    This was the beginnings of my "systainer" waterproof toolbox system in 2012 built in a house I was flipping. The collection has grown considerably since then. When the boxes get dirty, I just hose them off. I bought a vinyl cutter some years ago to put more professional looking labels on them but all that stuff is still in the boxes it came in.

    Those boxes were 20 and 25 dollars in 2012 and a few years after that when I started buying them. I still buy some as the tool collection grows, separates, and organization continues to specialize, but I think they're up to $45 or so now.

    It's nice to keep things together that go together so I can grab any box and have stuff organized and know where it is. I need to build a bigger shop for more cubbies because I've run out of room and the boxes just go up. Last I counted there was exactly a gross of them but I only have 100 cubbies that allow me to pull out a specific box without having to handle the others.

    Tools can stay any number of years between uses and come out just like I put them away.

    Do you do a lot of shop work and on site work? If so, does that mean having double the tools?

    My problem is that I am using many of the same tools on site as I do in my shop. Staying organized and not forgetting tools to bring on site is a constant issue for me (and I drive a truck, not a van). I think the best solution is something along the lines of what you have, but would require me doubling up on all the tooling I might bring on site.

    One of the reasons I dislike on site work is the disorganization. I don't mind the actual work, but I always feel like I'm having to figure out how to do something without the right tool at some point in the install. it seems no matter how careful I make a list, I always forget that one tool that helps in a pinch.

    On the other hand, doubling up on tooling is obviously expensive.
    Yes, I have 3 phase!

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