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    Tissue Box

    It seems that cardboard tissue boxes are getting uglier all the time, so I decided to make a nicer one from wood. The sides are Walnut with Maple inlay. The attached top is an off cut from a previous project of figured Walnut that was too nice to discard, with Wenge trim. The removable bottom is solid Walnut with Wenge trim. It’s held in place with another piece of 3/8” Walnut glued to the inside face and milled to the exact dimensions of the box interior. I used my shooting board and a sharp plane to produce a tight friction fit. The finish is Osmo Polyx satin. Now that it’s received the stamp of approval from my wife, I’m making a second one so that we’ll have a matching pair in our bedroom.

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    Beautiful! My wife sees that and I will be ordered to make one. Nicely done, Sir!

    So much to learn, so little time.....

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    Excellent. Great idea for Christmas gifts.
    < insert spurious quote here >

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    Thanks gentlemen!

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    That is very good looking! Good job. I like the combination of colors. All of the joints and lines are very crisp.
    Best Regards, Maurice

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    Nice work, but my guess is that you will think they match ….while she will inspect both and choose the one she likes best !

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    Really nice, well done! I made a few using Kleenex brand for sizing…a good piston fit. Then wouldn’t you know it, my wife bought Puffs brand and they are a tad bit larger and won’t fit. So much for consistent sizing.

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    Wow, good to know, thanks! I made my with some wiggle room, so hopefully things don’t change too much.

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