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Thread: Looking for hardware similar to T-Track for use as cabinet bypass door glide

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    Looking for hardware similar to T-Track for use as cabinet bypass door glide

    I have a unique cabinetry situation by which I want to create a bypass door that has no visible bottom guide, to maintain usable counter. I would have one fixed pane, and two moving panes, as shown below.

    My thought is to have a guide for the center panel that engages a groove on the bottom of the door... mounted at the right side of the fixed pane. Then, use a t-track or similar mounted to the back of the center pane, with a t-nut or similar mounted at the left edge of the right pane. This would keep the pane from swinging inward significantly.

    I'm looking for a track and 't-nut' that would be relatively low profile and glide well.

    Has anyone seen hardware and a 't-nut' that would work well? I suppose some sort of sheet metal and powerful magnet may be another option, but that may be loud. The door won't be closed very often.

    As a side note, if anyone knows of some nice top hanging track/hardware that is low profile and suitable, would be glad to hear about that, as well.




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    Would a dado on the bottom of the cabinet disrupt usability? If not, the easiest way is probably rabbets on the cabinet edges that slide in grooves on the cabinet (i.e "hardwareless"). I just used that style in some shop cabinets and after a coat of poly and some wax, they slide pretty well. I used the measurements from a Foureyes video to dial them in (

    If you were looking for T-track, seems like you can go any direction. If you need lower profile, just recess the track into the door. I've used the metric M6/M8 miter slides in the miter-slot style track. They move pretty well.

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    Hafele makes a variety of sliding door guides. Their website is not use friendly but it might be worth a look.

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    Aaron, I don't understand what you're trying to do. You say you have have one fixed panel. Which one is it - left, middle, or right?

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