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Thread: Best finish for a hand tool workbench?

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    I put Tried and True linseed oil on my bench since I had some, but it didn't do anything its appearance or performance. I wouldn't put anything that would leave a film on it. If there's the possibility of glue or something might drip on it, I just put cardboard or newspaper on it. Failing that, I just remove the dried glue with a chisel.

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    My "go to" for the bench and other shop things:
    1 part BLO
    2 part mineral spirits
    3 part oil based poly

    It is easy to apply and does the job.


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    I use amber shellac. Mostly just to use up old cans before they go bad. Easy to remove any glue or other finish drips (I'm sloppy). Quick pass with a card scraper and it's clean again. My bench came from a Pattern Maker's shop. If it was good enough for a pattern maker, it's good enough for me.

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    Antique Oil by Minwax. It is a wiping varnish, but has a lot of BLO in it. Many will give you a receipt for mixing a wiping varnish but then yo have to buy 3 different finishes, not cost effective. I have also had trouble with those types of finish not drying. I have had trouble with Minmax's wiping varnish so I just stay clear. Glue will not really stick to it and if you wish to put on another coat six months down just sand slightly and recoat. I did it to my bench.


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