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Thread: Graco Ultra Quickshot vs Fuji Q5 Platinum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    "Such a deal!!!" Do remember you're going to need different spray tips for the thinner stuff. Jason talked about that.
    Yea definitely. It comes with a 514 (which I'll probably never use unless painting an entire room) and a 210. The 210 seems like a good fit, but I also ordered a 308. I'm going to see which one looks better with the Centurion 400 series I have to spray this weekend. Jason says he uses the 308.

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    Thanks for the clarification, Andrew. That's one reason I've never considered an airless. The Graco makes that much less of an issue; it's still more than a conversion gun but probably not a deal breaker. The price, however, is pretty steep. On the other hand, I'd probably choose the Graco over a turbine unit. The Fuji Q5 is around $1600, about the same as the Graco.


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    I like my turbine. I can take it outside my shop.

    I think for the ultimate spray job, it is probably best to have a big compressor, dry lines, etc... but that is not cheap either and it isn't portable.

    I have the Apollo 5 stage (the simpler / cheaper model. They also have a more expensive 5 stage compressor like the Q5).
    Yes, I have 3 phase!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew whicker View Post
    It'll be interesting to hear your results. I'm a little curious about them, but their price point is way off IMO.

    The idea of using less paint in an airless setup is, of course, very desirable.
    I sprayed a few tests today and I have to say I'm so happy I bought it. I can setup in about 5 minutes and cleaning is about the same. It sprayed perfectly with no adjustments out of the gate. It sprays much faster than my LVLP setup and went on smooth. I have to spray about 55 cabinet doors this weekend and I'm betting this will save me several hours in spray time. Overspray was minimal and as far as I can tell not very different than the LVLP.

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