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Thread: Felder Ad741 Spring Joint removal

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    Felder Ad741 Spring Joint removal

    I just took delivery of a felder ad741. In speaking with a felder tech on the phone, he said removing the spring joint is as simple as raising the outfeed table.

    Does anybody have first hand experience doing this? Im trying to avoid having to break out a dial indicator (dont own one) to check everything else, im hoping a quick outfeed table adjustment will do the trick.

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    lower the outfeed table till it snipes then slowly raise it up again till it stops. Using two boards 3 - 4 feet long as test then after you edge joint them put them face to face to see your changes.

    If you want a spring joint raise the outfeed very fine amount.

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    I used the blade from a combo' square, on edge. Lay it across the cutter and the outfeed table. Rotate the cutter by hand. If the outfeed is too low, it will lift the rule and drag it forward. Tweak until it just stops.

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    Fielder ‘feller’ must be a new hire . Warren is correct ….and Warrented' .

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    Hey Mel,

    at this age im past my warrenty period. At least Im not past my best before date.

    Id still use the two wood sticks and go to snipe and raise to take it out. Nothing will tell you more than running those two pieces of wood 3 to 4 feet long and what you get when you edge joint them and put them together. It doubles whatever is going on.

    Make sure you are feeding and pressure right. If you want a spring use the dial as you raise up the table and see how much of an increase in the outfeed will make it do that. Likely only a few thou. Its information with numbers and you see the change as you move the table on the dial.

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    Sean, I sent you a pm…….Regards, Rod

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    I start by just raising outfeed a bit and test on two pieces . Repeat as needed

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    Hi Rod, I have the same question. Could you please PM me as well with the info? Thank you

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