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Thread: Delta Parts

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    Delta Parts

    I have had Delta 14'' band saw problems. I found Renovo parts and they have turned out to be a winner.
    The person whom I talked to said the years ago when Delta started to get out of the picture the company bought all the their parts. They the worked at getting parts that were made overseas and getting the resources to reproduce them.
    He told me if they don't have the part there is a good chance they can manufacture it.

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    Thank you for this info Jerry.
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    Have a single part manufactured? Wow, that has to be pricey

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    Be forewarned, Renovo will tell you a part is in stock, charge you for it, and then ship the part when they are good and ready. Last time I waited 6 months for a part that was listed as in stock when I purchased. Renovo is my last stop when I'm desperate now.

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