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Thread: Drill Bit Sharpener Recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Garson View Post
    No comparison is kinda vague, do you mean way better or way worse?
    Way better.

  2. I'll add my recommendation for Drill Doctor. I was sent one for free to do a review many years ago. It has served me well. The model I've got can also do split points - but I'm not sure every model does.

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    Another happy Drill Doctor owner ... bought the 500X around 2018.
    Last time I used it was only a few months ago...end of 2023.
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    Drill Dr. no question.

    That said, my ability to find deals on drill bits that are on sale or close out makes it cheaper than the cost of the drill dr.

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    I bought the Drill Doctor DD750 when they first came out. It was pretty frustrating, some drill bits sharpened nicely, some took a lot of adjusting settings. I read that the DD750X was a lot better, and it is, but still a fair amount of frustration. Then I found this video:

    It is now easy to make bits nice and sharp.
    I think the problem is that the machine holds the drill bits by the helix, and this varies in shape from one manufacturer to another.

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    Thanks, everyone! Several of you have had good experience with one or more of the Drill Doctor models. I'm intrigued by the Grizzly T34004 Drill Bit Sharpener (and the clones from other sellers). But, with shipping, those sharpeners cost twice as much (or more) as the top-of-the-line model from Drill Doctor.

    I really appreciate the input.
    David Walser
    Mesa, Arizona

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    I also recommend the Drill Doctor.
    I was gifted a tool box full of drill bits a few years back form a family member. They had a bad experience with some home renovations and the guy left it behind.
    I couldn't think of a better excuse to buy a Drill Doctor which had already been on my radar. I sharpened every bit in that box which almost made the Drill Doctor almost a freebee in my mind. I think it did a great job. It's one of those things you won't use everyday but I pulled it out a couple days ago to hit a few bits I use regularly and glad I had it.

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    You donít need a drill doctor, I actually acquired one and donít use it.
    sharpening a drill with a wheel grinder and a drill gage is the way to go, easy peasy.hold the bit horizontal and the cutting edge horizontal to the face of the stone. Touch the dit to the grinding wheel and lift up following the face of the stone. You are addressing the stone slightly above center to peal material back from behind the cutting edge. Rotate to the other cutting edge and repeat. The drill gage is used to check the angle of the cutting edge and also the length of the cutting edge. The length of both cutting edges need to be equal. The angle should match the drill gage. The loft behind the cutting edge should be consistent from one side to the orher . Important to drop away from the cutter.

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    Sorry that I can't make a recommendation. I have a Drill Doctor that I bought probably 35 or 40 years ago, still in the Silverfish eaten unopened box. I also inherited a yellow Darex, and a Black Diamond with all the collets. I've never used any of them. I'm always too pushed up to do a job to even take time to learn how to operate them and toss little ones or sharpen bigger ones by hand and eye with a bench grinder. Someday I might build a big enough shop to be able to use everything, but I'm too busy.

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