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Thread: Dash Cams

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    Dash Cams

    How many here use a dash cam? Do you use it for security, liability reasons or just for fun.

    Loving bride and I will be driving to Yellowstone next fall and I thought maybe a dash cam would add a new slant to the trip.

    Don't know anything about them.
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    My employer went "full in" with DriveCam in 2014 I believe it was. Big brother is watching sort of thing. Looked forward and also in the cab. Active anytime vehicle was on but took an "event" to trigger a recording. Hard brake activation, rough road, or let the clutch out to hard. It got me in trouble once and it got me a certificate of commendation another time. Different then what you are looking at but similar. Yours stores the video where the one my employer used transmitted it to the Drivecam people who then relayed it on to my company. The only time it would store it would be if there was no cellular connection and then it would wait until there was and then transmit. I have saw lot's of videos on YT of dashcam videos. No recommendations on what is the best brand.

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    Years ago I bought an a118c off Amazon. Its selling point was a capacitor instead of a battery to hold enough charge when the car turned off. Well after a few years of service, we had a really bad cold snap that killed the clock keeping battery in the unit. 2 months later I witnessed a relatively minor crash (everyone was okay) and went to pull the footage for them when I learned this.

    I now run a Garmin because they pull time from GPS. Even if everything is reset, it'll record video and update the clock so it's overwriting old data correctly.

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    I have one because if something happens, it seems like only video and DNA evidence is enough to prove something anymore. If I was a professional driver, I'd definitely want to have front and rear.
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    Had one for several years. Would not be without one
    I dive a lot now that I am retired. Love taking trips.
    So this is just for my protection, just in case.
    Do you research of brands.
    Mine has caught a wild turkey hit and a deer collision.

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    they are a good idea watch the you tubes of crashes no need explain picture worth 1000 words video worth 10,000 Have one not hooked up no cell and not got to it.

    Moving parents home in my 50 year old truck someone hit it. 99 percent neighbours wife they deny it camera would have proved it. Months later his wife backed out and hit the neighbour pulling out same time. I watched his wife past always in a hurry pull out fast rush off

    one day driving to get lumber I looked and see a gazzilion birds. They come down to land and close together on massive power lines huge bang and power out for 10 miles. Birds of all things. Later cops at intersections stopped said you know what happened cop says no, i tell him could see he didnt believe me or maybe not on purpose could not wrap his brain around that happening wish I had a dash cam at the time it would have more views than a content creator

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    I use the Rove 4K dishpan in my pickup truck. I started doing this when towing our 5th Wheel. I got a bit fed up with people diving in front of me and taking away my (extra) stopping clearance/distance.

    I was hoping to find one that runs purely of a battery, but this was the one one I settled on. It runs off USB. It records in one minute continuously, overwriting the oldest video as necessary.

    My only gripe, each time it powers on, when I start my truck, I have to press a couple of buttons on it to put it in recording mode.

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    I use a dash cam for both security and peace of mind. It's a great idea for your Yellowstone trip, capturing scenic views and ensuring safety on the road. Look for one with good resolution and a wide-angle lens. Safe travels!

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