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Thread: Vytek FPE Detected

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    Question Vytek FPE Detected

    Has anyone encountered this message? I’ve had this unit for 14 years and other than 2 tube recharges and occasional regular maintenance its been a problem free laser…..until the other day. While running an old file successfully several times as I dialed in the settings, vectoring stopped and this message came up. Rasters fine. After doing some troubleshooting I came to the conclusion it must be in the controller as the message will come up without the laser turned on or the computer connected.
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    Smile Problem solved

    Turns out pen 1 VPPI was set to 0 and was causing the error. Pens 2-8 had varying VPPI settings all above zero and I did make an attempt to vector with pens 1-3 and never noticed that pen 1 was set to 0 until today. Evidently the pen 1 error then affected all pens. The strange part was the issue did not arise immediately after I made changes but on the second part. Oh well, such is life. A big shout out to Jean at Evergreen Laser, Thank You!

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