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Thread: 21 Years Online

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    Thanks for all you've done and continue to do with Sawmill Creek. It goes without saying (but should not), but the time and effort that you have put in here are greatly appreciated. I know you have heard all of this before.... but, never enough for your efforts.

    I also want to send prayers to you for your continued and full recovery.


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    Congrats on the "forum-a-versary"...21 years and I'm sure that the forum software is ready for being legal to consume adult beverages with all that's transpired! LOL While I was not a "day one" community member, I did join not long after so I have to say it's been an absolute pleasure to be along for the ride!

    'Glad that the fiber connection will work out. It should be more reliable (obviously provider dependent) and scale better over time, too.

    Also glad you are feeling much better.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Best wishes for continued improvement in your health. Twenty-one years is an amazing time. Congratulations..
    Vortex! What Vortex?

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    I feel like a "youngster" at only 15 years at the Creek!!

    Keith & Jackie - thank you for the ride! The 'Creek' is an amazing place with amazing people associated with it. Truly a great place to be.

    I decided for myself, quite a long time ago, that it was worth the price of being "A Friend of the Creek" and have never regretted that decision. It's amazing what we get in return for any donation we make to the creek.

    So I suggest an anniversary challenge: Upgrade to a "Friend of the Creek" and let's help Keith & Jackie push this upgrade over the top.

    You know it's worth it...
    Funny, I don't remember being absent minded...

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    Oh my gosh- I had no idea. You go guy. This is inspiring for sure. It is a special person who is surrounded by such support and love. Congratulations on being back on a seat. Oh sorry, I mean your feet.

    I think if the subscription was raised to ten bucks no one would even think twice. Really cool to hear that you are back in the shop. I mean, isn't that the real test?

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    So glad to hear of your good recovery Keith, and so sorry that you had to go through what you did.

    21 years, You have made many happy faces, with all of the goings on in that time.. Much appreciated.

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    Thanks everyone, it looks like I will be here for several more years and I am grateful to have been part of this community that we started when Hampton Roads Online (HRO) was an active Internet Provider. Few will remember that when Jackie and I had to close HRO we had decided to shut down SawMill Creek and the response from everyone here was overwhelming support to find a means to keep The Creek online. With a huge amount of support we were able to move the SawMill Creek server to my sign shop in Gloucester County. Looking back I am still amazed that we were able to save The Creek as it seemed at the time to be a mountain to climb while we were both about to be unemployed.

    Concerning our aging software we have tried several times to convert to Xenforo but the conversion software failed every time our server Administrator Aaron Koehl tried to upgrade from vBulletin. I expect that because we host almost three gigabytes of pictures (almost 20,000 files) the conversion software may be choking, its way over my basement level of knowledge of server and software administration. We will continue to try to convert vBulletin when Aaron has the time and the conversion software improves. Aaron is now a VP at Riverside Hospital so his schedule stays pretty full.

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    Congrats on being back in the shop, and I pray you will have many years to enjoy it. I don't know what my seniority number is, but I go back to the Badger Pond days.

    Let me say that the Creek IS my social media. I don't waste time on other platforms, with their constant bickering from Internet warriors living in the basement. This site is a huge source of information, as well as friendly advice, and it is all because of your gentle oversight, keeping it friendly. Your moderators have done a great job of keeping it that way, and I want to say I personally appreciate it.

    Add me to the members who would support a bump in contributor status fees.
    Rick Potter

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    FWW wannabe.
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    Keith, thanks for the glimpse behind the scenes and for keeping this corner of the net what it is, a friendly source of information and inspiration for all sorts of woodworkers. Thanks also to the moderators. I hope your health remains good and you are involved in SMC for years to come.

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    21 years and still surviving. Its not easy to stay around for such a long time. I only arrived in 2006. I am glad you are back on your feet, I God passes on to you all the graces you can handle x10.

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