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Thread: Just saying Thanks!

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    Just saying Thanks!

    Iím making several federal style end tables and using Steve Lattaís videos to guide me through the learning process.

    As I build the drawers I am curious about whether or not I should apply finish to the drawer interiors. Happy to report that I turned to Sawmill Creek for advice and found the information I needed.

    So, I just want to say thanks to all who share their expertise and insights here.



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    The Creek is certainly a great source of information and advice!

    So much to learn, so little time.....

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    I always finish inside of drawers. At least a coat or two. Not to the level of the outside parts. I think colonial folks didnít do it because finish was imported and very expensive?

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    I finish the drawer boxes inside and out including both sides of the bottom.

    Since your drawers are a close fit to the opening and guide rails you may want/need to limit the number of coats on the outside surfaces of the sides.
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    Finishing the inside of drawers is just fine and can help them stay cleaner over time. But...don't use an oil based product for that. Use shellac or a waterborne finish so you don't have a permanent odor in the drawer.

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    Wonderful looking pieces, well done. Personally I don't like finished interior drawers. It doesn't feel right and I like the surprise of that beautiful, fresh looking wood with, usually, a walnut ply 1/4 or 1/2 bottom. I sand them to 220 and call it good. I love the look and feel of fresh maple, which is pretty much all I use. If you do, Jim is dead on with the product. Also almost every natural, oil-based product will amber the wood.

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