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Thread: converting a*.dxf file to a *.stl 3d file and print

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    converting a*.dxf file to a *.stl 3d file and print

    I use these drawer guides in a lot of furniture I built years ago , and I had a supply which did not last they all pretty well disintegrated over a long period of time, and amazon was asking 19.99 each , so using logic trace I will create a *.dxf file and then convert it to a *.stl file format and 3d print this drawer guide, the tracing will save me a bunch design hours
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    Interesting project Stan, you have collected some pretty high tech machines lately.
    Honestly I never considered converting a DXF to STL file using Aspire. Never crossed my mind.

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    its a starting spot, I got into it when I did built a horse and was able to get 3 d files into 2d dxf for the laser , just to cut out parts
    I was using Rhinoceros (this was way back)

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    Also I have had this 3d equipment back in 2019 and slowly pecking away to qualify myself,
    I am all self taught Keith , I buy the equipment and then master it
    3d scanning and printing is not a money maker its a tech big interest

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    Not sure what you are printing them on but lately I've been using carbon files petg for functional prints like this. It's super tough and should be much more resistant to cracking in the xy plane than regular old pla.

    The petg doesn't smell either, unlike abs.

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    I am still using pla trying to use up my supply these are high res and not easily broken unless with about 5-6 yrs of use

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