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Thread: Jorgy Cabinet Master Clamps, new version

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Rosenberg View Post
    Thanks for that link, Jonathan.

    Christopher, my impulse would be to go to the Dubuque clamps. They're a known quantity and have maintained quality and manufacturing without changing anything vs a different ACME thread etc in the Jorgy's you've found.

    I have a shop full of Bessey K-Body and Tradesman clamps in all kinds of sizes. As I'd add new clamps, they'd be Dubuque.

    Having said that, always comes up in these posts.
    Thanks for the reminder. I purchased 12 of the Dubuque clamps about 18 months ago and they promptly got put in a corner of the shop and forgotten about. That changes this weekend - need to make a cutting board for my DIL.

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    I'm glad to hear the quality of the Cabinet Masters are still good. I have the older ones with the wooden handle.


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