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Thread: Engraving flat plates with text

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    Engraving flat plates with text

    Since installing the updated file, my memory errors have gone away,. but a new issue has shown up. I am engraving flat plates with text on them, quite large files and lots of characters and about 1/2 way through the cutting project the laser stops in mid stream and just sits there as if it has lost its direction. The center aiming laser is stuck at the point at which the laser stopped and does not return to center until the EZCad is shut down and restarted, but then I cannot continue from the point at which it stopped. Is this problem caused by the file update or is there another possible reason for this? The laser never did this until the new file was installed.

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    been awhile since I've checked in, so I'm not aware of previous posts about your problem- However, I have 4 fiber lasers, first one is 7 years old now, and I'm not sure of the newest version, but all 4 of mine are running 2.14.10, and the ONLY problem I've ever had with any of them --*knock on my head*-- has been with USB connections in one form or another- My original machine, I had to mess with the cable that connects FROM the USB input to the data card that also connects to the galvo head... I was getting weird, errant engravings at times, just pulling the cables from the card, spraying them with electronic-spray-cleaner did the trick, haven't had a problem since... My second machine has had a problem with the main USB cable from the computer to the 'box' making a good connection, a different cable did the trick.

    As to your problem, I've never ran a big-enough job to have the machine just up and quit before it's finished like yours sounds like it's doing; I'm kind of wondering if your problem may be a good ol' 'out of memory' error? I'm not all that bright with computers in general, but-- ALL of my computers running my fiber lasers (and most of the others too) are cheap, used Dell SFF computers, with 1/2tb SSD drives, running Windows-7 Ultimate 64 bit w/16gigs of RAM installed- things boot in less than 20 seconds and are lightning fast, no memory issues! Sometimes EzCad has some slowdowns at times, no rhyme or reason to them, but after some big jobs sometimes it takes like 5 to 10 seconds to 'clear its throat' and finally 'be done'. But I've never had a machine just stop before it's finished that WASN'T because of a cable...

    --so just for kicks, you might try that!
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