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Thread: Common Thread Sizes?

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    Common Thread Sizes?

    What are the most common thread sizes for threading boxes? I have a 16 tpi setup for my Baxter's Thread Master but it seems a courser thread would be more appropriate for larger boxes.
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    Depends more on wood species and number of threads in engagement. I've seen boxes that take several revolutions to open and the time involved to get inside can be frustrating.

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    I won't make threaded boxes more than about 1 1/2 inch diameter. This is mostly due to wood movement over time. I had one fall off the table and sit in the grass for the weekend, only abut 1 1/4 inch diameter, and the lid would come off, but it still went tight, loose, tight, loose for each revolution. The box may be fine in one environment, but not in another if you happen to move. The 16 tpi means that at most you will have to adjust the shoulder on the bottom 1/16 inch to time the threads, or to get the grain to line up.

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    Yeah, too many revs to open a lid can be frustrating. Imagine more than 2 revs to open a pickle jar or your favorite salsa?

    Reed - How's your video on threading coming along?

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    I have some filming dates coming up in December.

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    I have both the 16tpi and the 10tpi lead screws for my Chefs Specialties threading jig. I think I have done only on 10tpi box and literally 100s of 16tpi threaded boxes.

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