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Thread: Pooh Pooh Jet JML-1014 Lathe?

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    Pooh Pooh Jet JML-1014 Lathe?

    I say not. I purchased a used Jet JML-1014 primarily for the included accessories; Oneway chuck, gouges, etc. The owner decided to give up on woodturning but not until he purchased a good amount of expensive add-ons. Already having a Oneway 2436 and Vicmarc VL150 I didn't need another lathe but decided to give the 1014 a whirl anyway. I was surprised to learn of its capabilities. The motor is only 1/2 hp but powered through a few good sized bowls with ease. Moving the belt around the different pulley sizes is a bit of a pain but the system works and the cast iron frame, banjo and tailstock are solid and seem well built, especially at this price point. So, to the negative comments I've read in the past about this lathe I disagree. I think its well worth considering for anyone not ready or able to heavily invest in a lathe costing many times more. A lot can be learned and done with it.

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    My first lathe was a jet 1014 vs turned a lot of bowls with it still have it and still runs

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