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Thread: Holding and Positioning Your Dust Hood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hipp View Post
    I like what you did but can't figure out what keeps the bowl blank from contacting the Big Gulp? What am I missing?
    Here's a couple more pics-- the all thread slides in an oversized hole so the hood can be positioned at any location perpendicular to the lathe bed. When the hood isn't needed just release the threaded rod to let the hood hang straight down from the door slide. You can see the rod is in different positions in each photo.

    The hood adjusts infinitely in three directions: Parallel to the bed it moves the full length, plus a little, perpendicular it adjusts from the spindle to about 15" away and vertically there's WAY more movement than I'll ever need.


    Hope this helps, Gary
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    That helps a lot! Thanks.

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    This is the setup I have for dust collection at my lathe. I would prefer something more like what Ronald Kanne uses, which consists of rigid flexible duct like Loc-Line and a small diameter funnel. Unfortunately I can't find any of this type hose in 4". Loc-Line's larges'st size hose is 2-1/2". The advantage with Kannes' setup is it doesn't have to me removed while turning like mine. It just has to be moved out of the way.
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    I bought the track and the lamp bracket from Woodturners Wonders. I mounted a shop made plate to the lamp holder and mounted a gooseneck I had from an old lamp to that. A dust scoop is attached to the business end. It's not as nice as the unit Ken sells on Woodturners Wonders but it works.


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    Steve, are you looking for something like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Mooney View Post
    Steve, are you looking for something like this?
    No, that's just flexible hose. This is what I had in mind but can't find it in 4".

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