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Thread: Carving tool - what is it called?

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    Carving tool - what is it called?

    I have this carving tool that I got with other old carving tools. Anyone know what it's called, and what it's intended purpose is?
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    Dandelion puller?
    Cuticle Pusher?

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    See correct answers below!

    Looks like a spoon bent chisel for deep excavation. Or something yet more exotic. If you can read the Pfeil number on it you can probably look it up (It's got the Pfeil "Swiss Made" trademark)
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    Pfeil still makes that tool. Woodcraft calls it an Abegglen detail knife. I have one and I like it for setting out and controlled undercutting. Also for touching up carved lettering, getting into the serifs. Woodcraft lists it for $75.99 for the smallest of the 3 sizes they make.


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    Good to know its real name. "Hooked skew" is what I've always called it. I have the Ashley Iles and OCC Tools versions.

    Edit: I found some videos of the Abegglen detail knife in use:
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    Thanks David. It's my favorite carving tool.
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