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Thread: Mellif tools use dewalt batteries: any good?

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    Mellif tools use dewalt batteries: any good?

    I had a cheap metal nibbler that died. I kind of like the dewalt cordless tools and am invested in the batteries. When I searched for “dewalt nibbler” I got a tool from Mellif which I’ve never heard of. I would think that the battery tech is closely guarded to keep other companies from using it. So how did Mellif get permission from Dewalt? Or is it the Wild West out there?

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    Hmm, that’s an interesting approach.

    I don’t think battery tech is closely guarded at the tool manufacturer level. You can buy no-name replacement battery packs. And I’ve had battery packs rebuilt when the cells died.

    But, like you, i’ve never heard of Mellif.

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    Looked up Mellif. they are sold on aliexpress. So not a ringing endorsement. probably made all over china and rebadged meliff by some shippers.
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