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Thread: Just as I thought - 2 lathes are better than one

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    +1 for BWT. Their products are high quality. I recently purchased a 33mm to 1" adapter (not the one you want, I know) so I could use my own chucks while taking classes as MASW. Worked like a charm, with no detectable run-out.
    -- Jim

    Use the right tool for the job.

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    I have 2 - 12x36 lathes set up in the shop and a third mini lathe on wheels. One is for turning between centers and face work and the other is for drilling, final turning etc. The little one is for quick jobs while the other two are set up for what ever I am working on. For instance, when I make some things, I need to turn a square to a round to fit the chuck on the other lathe. Mount in the chuck and drill. flip the piece holding inside the hole and turn the final shape. For the bases, turn on a face plate, drill a shallow hole, switch lathes to hold in the chuck and finish the bottom and edge. So much easier than changing accessories back and forth.

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