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Thread: How to remove bark?

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    Question How to remove bark?

    I want to remove the bark of wood I am about to resaw and would like some tips on ways to do this. I have a range of wood from Black Locust, Dogwood, Poplar and Cedar and what ever else I can scrounge. I tried peeling it off by hand but that didn't last long, way to much work. So what do you use to strip the bark of your wood before re-sawing? THANKS!

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    Get a bark spud - I think Lee Valley has 'em.

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    Log home builders use a draw knife, and also theres an attachment for a chainsaw, called a wood wizard.

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    I have a handcrafted log home, the logs were brought in with the bark intact. For most of the logs the builder used a tool abut five feet long with a chisel on the end about four inches wide. Never asked if he bought it or made it. For the smaller logs used for railings a draw knife was used.

    As an aside, one of my friends here has made a large draw knife using a leaf spring has the starting point. He ended up with a draw knife with a cutting edge about 16" wide.


  5. I guess one of these would not help much....

    I've seen it done with a high pressure water sprayer, one of those units you can buy or rent, and I've done it with the bark spud, hard work. If memory serves, I think it is easier if you do it right after the trees are felled, and in the spring, but I could be wrong about that, it was a long time ago....

    Like this....

    this one has a fairly short handle, I've seen them with much longer handles, like a shovel.

    We made ours from an old truck leaf spring, they worked very well, unlike us kids, who only wanted to go dirtbiking, not peel stupid logs


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