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Thread: Restoring Panhaus Sigmaringen bandsaw guides. Where to begin?

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    Restoring Panhaus Sigmaringen bandsaw guides. Where to begin?

    Hi folks, I was hoping I might ask some advice before I do anyrhing rash.

    One of the side guides turns and I don't know how to remove it from its housing while the other doesn't want to turn but I can pull it straight out of its housing. Are they supposed to be that way?

    The bearing that supports the back of the blade has some chewed up sections but none which project from the plane of the circle.

    I have some chain degreaser I was planning to clean it all up with before giving it some fresh grease. Are there any general pointers or cues I should be aware of here?

    The side bearing blocks have a plastic cap on the opposite ends. Is that for greasing?

    They're from 1949 (maybe? The saw is, anyway) and I'd love to get them back into service rather than buying a new set if I can.

    Here are some photos:

    Many thanks in advance for any tips!


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    Your photo link doesn't work. Apparently you have to be subscriber to Imgur
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    You might get some hits searching for APA aswell as Panhans?
    or perhaps you will find more info searching for Bäuerle
    Not sure if it's the same guides, that site don't work on my crashing Linux computer, which also ain't happy do a google lens search
    but perhaps this link is worth hitting, if only to find that PDF

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    Starting on page 29 the Panhans safety catalog has parts for these.

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