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Thread: stepladder storage

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    stepladder storage

    In turning my mechanic shop building into more of a general purpose shop, I had cut out some of the old built in shelves to make room for the sharpening sink that had been in an old house. I have put in some higher shelves to store stuff on that is rarely used, so that freed up some space.

    I decided to cut out a little more of the built in shelves to have all the step and platform ladders in one place. Forever, they have been in various buildings and sheds here. Now I don't have to remember which one is where.

    Stepladders from 2-12', platform ladders 2-8', and the Bronco rough terrain scaffolding all easy to get to individually, clean, and out of any Sun. Sharpening sink with new base cabinet in process, but first I have to put new arbor bearings in a table saw. Trying to get everything out of the way, in place, to have some room to work. That LED lighting will get another configuration, out of the way up higher in a straight line.

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    That's cool. Ladders take up a lot of space, but you need them in rare situations. I had to build an overhead ladder rack in my smallish shop.

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    That's nice that there's an indoor spot for them.

    I have an outdoor horizontal rack. It has a bit of a roof, but the ladders still get dirty.

    Plus you can keep an eye on them- I think mine might be breeding back there.

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