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Thread: Urn with collar display for a friendís dog

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    Urn with collar display for a friendís dog

    Rest easy, Zeke.

    Walnut box. Grain flows all the way around. The lid has a glass pane. Removing the lid reveals the felt lined tray to hold the collar. The lid and box body have a rabbet, and the collar tray sits in the box body and also holds the lid square. Lifting the tray is the compartment for the ashes. Finished with Walrus Oil Furniture Butter. I was unfortunately in a time crunch, but I think this board would have been a perfect chance to learn French polishing.
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    That's a really nice urn and the collar display is very thoughtful.

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    A wonderful feature for a wonderful keepsake.
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    Great idea on how to keep and display the collar.

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    I really like what you’ve done.
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    The idea is great; the wood is beautiful and French polish would be an ideal finish for this project.
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    Display of the collar in the velvet box is a great idea. And the box ix beautiful. Did you use anything else for the finish besides the walrus oil?
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    Only Walrus oilís ďfurniture butterĒ oil/wax finish. Iíve grown to like it a lot. Leaves a nice satin finish after a few coats and seems to protect well, with water beading on it even on my desk top. It requires touch ups on high-use furniture, but I donít mind. Gives me a reason to touch the things Iíve made again.

    Thanks for all the kind replies.

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    Well thought out and beautifully executed Will!

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