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Thread: How to dry green Maple burl caps?

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    How to dry green Maple burl caps?

    I'm seeing a good number of Maple burl caps for sale on ebay that are described as green. What's the best way to quickly dry one of these that's say 6" x 9" x 3" thick? Or is there a good way to quickly dry these things? I've see microwaving for 30 sec at a time for many times. I've also seen the idea to soak the piece in 100% alcohol for about a week, which makes it dry out much faster
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    I can't answer your specific question, but burl caps like that are typically sold green, both because they are more difficult to dry as well as the fact that turners, who are often the market they are pointed at, tend to prefer them green for at least initial turning.

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    Both of your suggested methods are for roughed out turnings. Quick and drying wood don't go together. Microwaving a solid burl will take a lot of cycles. Microwaving a roughed out bowl, not so much. Some people like cracked up wood for turning and speedy drying works fine for them, I'm not one of those guys.

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    How quick are you talking and how do you plan to use it?

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