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Thread: Transfer blower on dust collector

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    Transfer blower on dust collector

    Good morning,

    I have a 20hp dust collector with a rotary airlock. I have a problem with the dust backing up in the enclosed hopper and subsequently into the baghouse. I am running moldings so we product a large amount of dust. I have limited clearance under the airlock going into the enclosed hopper. I am considering use of a transfer blower on the discharge side of the airlock in lieu of the enclosed hopper. Theoretically this would allow me to blow the dust into a trailer or larger enclosed hopper to simplify disposal. Is use of a transfer blower acceptable practice for use on the discharge side of an airlock? If so, how do I size the unit? If not, do I remove the airlock and use a transfer blower?
    Alternatively, I could use a larger open hopper with current airlock configuration but prefer not to do this.

    Thanks for your tips!


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    In my world, rotary airlocks are used to eliminate the need for enclosed hoppers. If you are going to use the airlock, it has to stay attached to the cyclone.

    Why don't you simply empty the hopper more often? When it's full, stop. Do you have a bin level indicator?
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    Greg, I think you need to ask this question to folks who do and know industrial systems...folks like Oneida who sell rotary air locks and show setups for getting material to a container outside the building. I'm using Oneida as an example, but the source of your current system is another good place to ask. There are likely specifications for this kind of thing and there may or may not be a need to "coordinate" things between the airlock and the material moving blower.

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