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Thread: Anyone ever sell a car on Carvana?

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    Question Anyone ever sell a car on Carvana?

    Anyone ever sell a car on Carvana? What was your experience?

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    I sold my 2011 Ford Ranger in April of 2021. It was a a smooth experience. I did however take it to their local location since they want to take it fora short ride while you fill out their paperwork. Would I do it again, absolutely. Got a little more than the dealer offered as trade-in. Keep in mind that in Ohio at least that sales tax is figured after trade in value, it is deducted from the purchase price then sales tax is calculated.

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    I got a quote from them recently "just for grins"...and it was $10K less than Carmax. And this was on a vehicle with extremely low mileage and almost like new condition. Geography does matter, however.

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    Sold a 2019 Ford Transit 350XLT 12 pass mid roof with 22,000 miles on it. Carvana 44k, Carmax 32k, We buy any car 38k. Was over a weekend so had to wait for Monday for Carvana to decide 12 pass was ok even though not on there check off sheet. They came to me as I was not mobile at the time. Gave them the keys so they could look it over. Then did the paperwork. Money was in my bank account the next day. Very happy with the whole experience.

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    Part of the reason that Carvana is on the brink of bankruptcy is they overpaid for their inventory expecting prices to stay at high levels, or even keep increasing. I am not surprised Carvana is offering less now. I once got a value for my vehicle from their website. They now send me monthly updates and they claim the value of my vehicle is going up. I very much doubt the value of my vehicle is going up.

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    Not Carvana, but just sold my car through Kelly Blue Book. Filled out an online questionnaire, and they sent me three dealers who were interested, along with an instant quote of what the amount should be. You then take it to the dealer and determine the final price. In my case it was the KBB estimate, which was 2K more than my trade in est. for the new car (which is not bought from this dealer).

    KBB part was fine, the dealer was hard to deal with but so was I, and I got my KBB estimate from him, along with back up messages from the other two who were interested.
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