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Thread: Price of ply

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    Price of ply

    I looking over prices of marine plywood in hopes of building a new boat. That said, I'm staggered by the numbers. While I'm picking a boat design that is very basic, not requiring a lot of pricey pieces in regards of materials, the overall cost is halting my plans to move on. I have Conrad Natzio's of the UK plans, things don't get much more basic although I don't envision building at a modest cost. Has anyone built using his plans before? Any suggestions on material substitutions?

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    I've decided to hold off on building a boat with ply. Too expensive for materials at this time and see no real options otherwise.
    Thanks regardless to those that contacted me with pricing in their area.

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    Specifically, what size plywood are you looking and where you? I might be able to help. I have some teak and afromisa ply in various thickness.
    Mostly 1/2, 1/4 & some 1/8 and 3/4. Mostly 4X8 sheets. Some 1/4" afromisa and maple stripped.
    This was originally made by a local plywood company(no longer in business) for Hatteras Yacht. I'm in triad NC, not really interested in shipping.
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    Thanks for the offer although I'm up in Michigan.

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