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Thread: This is where I am to date.

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    This is where I am to date.

    This is where I am to date. It is just setting on the original legs that came with the shaper. I had some casters I could put on so I can temporally move it around. I posted a lot of machining pictures about the build but they are to far back for me to chase them down. They could be here or in the General woodworking and power tool section.

    I plan on now building a cabinet with drawers in it for storage. I know have the top taken care of. Due to the fact that chips and such can fall through the webbing and the fact that I do not want the chips in the drawer I had to raise the cast iron top up high enough to get a Fox Tail brush under it for chip removal. A Fox Tail is Navy Parlance for a brush with a handle on it, If I mount the switch temporally, I will have an operational router table. Actually I need to make my MDF plates that fit on the fence. I cut off and move them for zero clearance insets. I put shipping tape on the faces. . It makes the wood slide easier. You can see the slot cut in the fence in picture 2, which was used with a slot cutting bit earlier. I also plan on shortening up the rods and screw on the fence. It doesn't need to stick out the back that far. It is called research and development.

    The other router table in the picture I built in the mid 80s before there were router lifts. I sent pictures to a company because of promises that were made and low and behold lifts started showing up for sale about 2 years later.

    Attachment 500999 Attachment 501000 Attachment 501001
    I also have another cast iron router table which was a band saw table that I mounter a lift onto, which is not pictured. The one not pictures only has a 2 HP router in it. One for stiles, one for rails, and one for raised panels.

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    My old computer locked up and I had to restart and I lost the pictures so here they are.

    DSC04200.JPG DSC04201.JPG DSC04203.JPG

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    I like your floor!
    How does the Stanley 45 fit into the project?

    smt<-----likes to find excuses to use Stanley #45 when not on production

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    It doesn't fit at all it was just a flat landing spot at the time and I didn't have a spot for it at the time of the picture.

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