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Thread: Universal M-300 Software Alternatives

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    Cool Universal M-300 Software Alternatives

    I'm trying to get some more life out of my old Universal M-300, and I was wondering if anyone has been able to identify any alternatives to Coreldraw as the software package to operate this machine. I have just purchased yet another laptop PC to use, received a new (and expensive) laser tube for it from Universal, and would like to use anything other than Coreldraw if possible to run it. Thanks for your advice. =Ed=

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    Straight from the Universal User Manual:

    Software Suggestions
    The following is a list of recommended software programs. We do not endorse any particular software
    program neither do we guarantee its full compatibility with the laser system. Please refer to the
    Appendices section on known bugs/anomalies related to these particular software programs, related
    versions, and ones that are not listed below.

    Graphics Programs
    • CorelDraw
    • Macromedia Freehand

    Bitmap / Scanning Software
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Streamline - for raster to vector conversion

    CAD Software
    • AutoCAD for Windows
    • AutoCAD LT for Windows
    • Autosketch for Windows
    • DesignCAD for Windows

    Font Requirements
    True Type
    We recommend using True Type fonts ONLY. TrueType fonts are the most versatile and should be used
    whenever possible. They provide the best print quality and will print well at any size.

    That pretty much closes out this thread. Thanks very much everyone.
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    I use Adobe Illustrator with my ULS M360 and it has worked well.

    ULS M360
    Adobe Illustrator

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    I've been in the engraving business for 50 years, and laser engraving for 23 years of them... cut my lasering teeth using Corel 9 and 10, got X3 and X4 a few years later, and never looked back-- or AHEAD for that matter, never seen a need for newer software! Since using Corel it's pretty much the only graphics program I use for everything, including tool engraving. I've been using Gravostyle since the late 90's, but once I learned how to use Corel, I do virtually ALL engraving setups with it. None of my 'tool' machines will run directly from Corel, so when needed I just create DXF files in Corel and import them into whatever program is running whatever machine I'm using. I do occasionally use some of Gravostyle's features for certain tweaks but not all that often...

    I've never used Illustrator...
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    I doubt you'd get drivers for too many other software types, for the M-300.
    I find Corel X3, on an old Win XP PC works just fine.
    My problem is the tube died again - after 5 years, and tube postage to & from Australia is a killer, so I'm considering parting it out, rather than spend another $5k+ to get it regassed.
    Best wishes,

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    I know what you mean. Last year I spent $1500 US dollars for a replacment M-300 tube from ULS. And yes, I agree, Coreldraw is the best way to go with the Universal.
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