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Thread: Robert Henrickson - Back Cover of American Woodturners

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    Robert Henrickson - Back Cover of American Woodturners

    Fellow creeker and my former assistant and now co-instructor at John C. Campbell Folk School has been recognized on the back cover of the AAW magazine. In addition to being an archeologist with a broad and interesting background, Robert (Bob to me!) is a superb turner with an equally broad interest in that arena. We teach vessel classes at the Folk School - Lidded Bowls and Vase Forms, both of which are intermediate/advanced classes. This fall we will teach a weekend class on offset/tilted platters. But, Robert's turning repertoire is much larger and more complex than that. He has an inquisitive nature and explores turning techniques and methods I would never attempt!!

    Congratulations, Robert!!!!
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    Wow!! Congrats Bob! Beautiful work. Love the imagination!

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    Congrats Robert
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