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Thread: Warping of plywood art

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    Warping of plywood art

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the amazing resource of this community. I am beginning to make some wood art with a 100 watt laser that will be either around 10" or 24" square. I am concerned that if I use 1/4" Baltic birch, it may warp after some time if the clients home. Does anyone have knowledge of what size plywood warping becomes an issue? I could use MDF but it cuts slower and would need a good veneer. Also, if the Birch is painted at this size, is it standard practice to still paint the back to keep the wood even? Thanks!

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    You could do the laser work on the birch and then laminate or glue it to a heavier piece of plywood.
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    If you are buying Baltic birch, a higher grade of plywood, and it is flat when cut then it should remain flat as long as ambient conditions are favorable.

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    Have you tried ultra- lite mdf ?

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    Nothing is completely flat. None. And most will move, the amount depending upon the size. I laminate two pieces together and this is best way I've found to keep relatively flat. The sheet goods supply right now is the worst I've ever seen. Nothing is quality at all.
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