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Thread: What 10’ sliding saws should I consider?

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    UPDATE!!!! In the ninth hour, we went with three phase!!! Bigger saw, longer slider, over-arm dust collection, and a micro-adjuster on the fence. We discovered that there was an old 3-phase line in the ceiling, and the electrician said all looked good to hook that up and save a ton of money on the 3-phase!!! Woo hoo.

    So it is official- deposit made. Felder K540s

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    Congratulations! That will be a very nice and beastly addition to your new shop!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Wow, that was a very lucky find! And it enabled you to go from a 4HP single-phase motor to the 7.5HP 3-phase that is stock on the K540S! The boost in HP will allow you to run larger blades and prevent the motor from bogging down on heavy/thick material! Excellent result!!

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    …amazing how the planets get into alignment in the eleventh hour! Your efforts yielded success. Bravo!

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    That's a good outcome, congratulations. I know you'll be glad to have a slider in the shop again.

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