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Thread: Cleaner for Finished Cherry Cabinets?

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    It's all relative, Tom. My MIL had a kitchen with no sink. She had to use the small sink in the hallway, 20 ft away, and washed dishes in a pan. Counterspace was nearly zilch, too. She did most prep work on a board on the kitchen table, as well as baking prep. Against all that, she made the most amazing pastries and genuine German Christmas cookies. I have fond memories of visiting them in Bavaria around Christmas time.

    As you might expect, my wife wanted a large kitchen with two sinks and lots of counterspace. Check.


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    Yes, my Grandmother got by with what many would seem impossible now. This place rents from 300 to 500 per night depending on season, so I'm expecting someone will expect more and complain, but so far no complaints. They do get to see plenty of pictures to start with, to see what they're getting. At least it comes with the best spot on the lake. As I said, I think they eat out anyway.

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