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Thread: Where do post go to die?

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    Where do post go to die?

    Last night, i posted a reply in the thread on Bluebirds. Always read my post after posting for any errors. Today, post is nowhere to be found. Where did it disappear to? This isn't the first time this has happened. Over the years, a couple have reappeared a couple days after going missing.

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    Bruce, there were no posts removed from that thread. We do not remove posts (ever) unless they violate the TOS.
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    Bruce, check your viewing mode. If it's not linear, that may be the reason why you're missing seeing something. As Bruce mentioned, there has been no editing in that thread. The only post from you was from about noon today which you further edited.
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    Is it this post?

    If it was another post instead maybe you did what Iíve done a time or two, write a message, preview to review and maybe change it, then forget to click the Post/Submit button.
    But perhaps Iím the only one who has ever done thatÖ

    The display setting Jim mentioned is a common cause for confusion.


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    No. This post was following day to original.

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